Talent Acquisition and Management

Attract the right talent to create strategic hub

There is no doubt that companies today are aiming to achieve lofty digital goals as they strive to meet evolving market demands and focus on customer experience. This is driving the growth of Global In-house Centers (GICs) that provide strategic support to embrace digital. Although, mounting pressure on these centers to deliver effectively mandates superior talent strategy.

It is said that a 10% increase in better talent can yield up to 15% more process innovations within these centers. While GICs allow you to tap into a large pool of highly-skilled and comparatively low-cost talent, aligning talent models with evolving business require GICs to rethink talent strategy.

Bridge the skill gap to achieve your digital aspirations

At CausePoint we understand talent management is key focus if you want your GIC to move up the curve and create business value. That is why, we collaborate with you closely to ensure your talent management strategies are well aligned to meet evolving market demands.

From workforce planning to attracting and retaining right-fit talent, we help build a talent hub by sourcing and managing high-quality leadership with global experience and deep domain expertise. Our multi-dimensional and holistic approach is designed not just to manage your present talent needs but also future workforce imperatives.

Talent acquisition strategy

We identify skills gap and define a well-aligned talent acquisition strategy that not only meets business objectives but also consider preferences of digital talent. Whether it is campus recruitment or sourcing experienced leadership, we help you attract and engage the right talent.

Campus recruitment

According to HBR 84% of employers believe that campus hiring is an important talent acquisition program. We do campus recruitment for you to hire and engage the emerging talent. Our alliances with local universities and colleges help us easily set up campus interviews and participate in job fairs. From building and showcasing employer branding to prescreening and hiring the best candidate, we help you build a strong talent pipeline.

Upskilling talent

Implement a skill development program to further upskill and retain experienced workforce. With technology at the helm of every organizational function, upskilling is a key lever for GICs to ensure sustainable growth and retention of talented and skilled workforce.

Future-proof talent strategy

Conventional talent strategies are not relevant. CausePoint enables you to develop future-proof talent strategy by adopting alternate sourcing options. These include tapping into hackathons, hiring from startups and other industries and establishing project-based partnerships with specialist agencies. This way we help you build dynamic and talented human resource capital.

Why partner with CausePoint

CausePoint’s comprehensive talent management program follows an integrated and holistic process to attract and develop key talent and ensure right positioning. In addition to this we bring following advantages to the table:

Project-based recruitment - We offer flexible recruitment solutions that allow us to seamlessly manage your workforce scalability or project-specific requirements.

Extensive network - Our unparalleled local knowledge enables us to identify and source top talent. We help you get easy access to specialized, experienced and wider talent pool.

Continuous skill development - We enable our clients to boost productivity, competency and customer-centricity through variety of training programs designed to meet evolving talent goals in the digital age.

Let us help you attract, train and retain the best and the right talent. To know more about our services, talk to us today!